Xtreme Drainworks has been in the drain cleaning industry for over 18 years now and has been growing his knowledge and skills right here in San Diego County. Brian is an expert in drain cleaning and also enjoys going out to do second opinion calls, so if another company has told you that your drain can’t be cleared due to heavy buildup or that your line is broken give us a call for a second opinion. We provide drain cleaning services only and we are not plumbers,,, we do not do any kind of plumbing repairs or installation of drain pipes so rest assured that when we go out to a service call for you we are there to clear your drain and not to sell you an unnecessary repair

We know that our clients are the base of our company and without them we would not be here, so we treat every single client and property the way that we like to be treated. We know how hard you work to have the nice home or business that you own and that’s why we take pride in maintaining a clean working environment while performing services for you. We we will care for your property as if it where our own, we will set our machines on a mat, we will remove any objects that may be damaged if work is performed close by, once the work is performed we will put everything back the way it was and we will clean up after our self’s, oh and we will NOT use your cleaning products to clean up after our self’s.

We are highly knowledgeable in the drain cleaning industry but even with all the training and knowledge we might encounter drain lines that are heavily corroded or simply broken underground due to age or faulty plumbing, In these cases we will refer a plumber in your area that we work with or you can call a plumber that you trust to perform any kind of repairs.


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