What is smoke testing?

Smoke testing is a method used to identify where odors are coming from at your home, business, apartment building, restaurant etc. By forcing artificial smoke in to the sewer system we can identify if there is faulty plumbing line that has been compromised over the years. With smoke testing we can find: broken or separated vent lines, dried out floor drains, covered up clean outs, faulty wax seal’s and other problems that can occur. So if you are experiencing odor problems give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

What is high pressure jetting?

There are a variety of jetter units, electric mini jetters to gas powered mini jetters that are use for smaller pipes (2″ to 3″) that have build up grime, sludge or grease, this equipment is designed for residential and commercial work.

There are large jetters that are truck mounted or trailer mounted and these units are used for the larger pipes (3″ to 8″) that have heavy root intrusions, scale build up, grease build up, debris inside of the drain line etc. Storm drain systems are usually cleared using a high pressure jetter.

Give us a call and we can recommend the proper preventive jetter service for your property.

What is my main sewer line?

The main sewer line is the pipe that connects from your home or business to the city lines or goes to your septic tank. Every drain in your home or business connect to the main sewer line and then carries the water out to the city connection or septic tank.

 There is sewage coming out of my clean out, What do I do?

First of all STOP running water in your home or business, if water continues to flow out of the clean out once you have stopped running water there is still something that is inducing water to the line. If your clean out is close to the sidewalk, street or alley you can attempt building a burm around the clean out to contain the sewer in one area and avoid wastewater entering any storm drain systems, you can use rags, towels or dirt to build a containment burm and give us a call ASAP.

 I was showering and water collected in both my shower and my bath tub. Why?

Some homes or condos have what we call back to back or side to side shower/bathtub. If your shower/bath tub colgs after the connection point water will back up in both sides and if your toilets continue to flush that means that the only line clogged is you shower/bath tub. Give us call to schedule an appointment.

 I was doing laundry and water came up through my kitchen sink. Why?

Some homes share the kitchen drain line with the laundry drain depending on how the fixtures are situated and the lay out of the home, so if your kitchen/washer line clogs up water will usually be forced up through the kitchen sink because the drain pipe of you washer machine is higher than your kitchen sink (most cases) If you have a laundry sink in your garage water will typically show up there first because that will be lower that your kitchen sink

 Only one side of my kitchen sink is clogged.

If you have a garbage disposal installed in your sink chances are that it got jammed up with excess food or the unit has broken and needs to be replaced. Give us a call and we will gladly take a look at it. 

How do I prevent clogs in my disposal?

When running your garbage disposal, always turn on the cold water before adding food. Then add the waste food slowly, especially if you are disposing of coffee grounds or eggshells. Never pack large quantities of food in the grind chamber or you could clog the drain. Also, never add foods that contain fibers, such as celery sticks, corn husks, or artichoke hearts. After you have completed grinding, let the cold water run for about twenty seconds. The water flushes the food particles through the discharge outlet and P Trap and avoids clogs in the drain line. Large quantities of food should be disposed in your trash can. You can also freeze large amounts of left overs and take it out on trash day to avoid foul odors in your trash can.

I live in a multi story building and water is coming up in my fixtures.

If you live in a multi story building (high rise) and water just starts coming out of your drain fixtures there is a stoppage in the common area drain line. If there is a door person that works at your property give them a call and explain the situation, if there is no door person that works at your building immediately call the Property Management Company and then you will need to go to all the units directly above you and ask that they please stop running water because there is a blockage in your stack. In this case the building management company will need to dispatch a vendor that performs work at your property.

Water is coming out of my bath tub or my shower, what do I do?

First of all, STOP running water. If all of a sudden your toilets are gurgling and you bath tub or shower are filling up with water make sure you stop your washer machine if you are doing laundry, if your sewer line clogs and there is water being used in other areas of your home like your washer machine or sinks the water will start coming out of the lowest points. So once you have seen dirty water just come out of you shower/bath tub this means that most likely your main sewer line is clogged. Sometimes your washer line or kitchen sink could also be connected to your shower and tub and then connect to the main sewer line but just to be safe don’t run any water in the house and give us a call.

I flushed my toilet and dirty water came out through my shower or bath tub.

If you flush you toilet and water comes up in your shower or bath tub that is a good indicator that your main sewer line is clogged. Give us a call.

Why should I have my sewer line inspected?

If you are having reoccurring stoppages it is possible that you have root intrusions, corrosion build up, sagging in the pipe, a separation or even a break in the pipe. By performing a camera inspection you will identify the problem and take all the guessing work out of the question and find a permanent solution to those uncomfortable back ups. Give us a call and we will have a solution for that problem drain line.